Anyone in their late 90s need a bowl gouge

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At a guess, they have recently lost a relative and are doing a house clearance sale. Seems an odd set of stuff to be selling at the same time otherwise, especially as they don't seem to have a lot of knowledge on some of it.
Give them a break. I know we are all experts on here and know exactly what we are looking at, but these guys are probably selling off items from a deceased estate and have done some basic googling to try and identify what they have.
Ideally they should have asked an expert to guide them but maybe they did and didn’t realise they were given poor information.
I have just wound up an estate and the professional I employed to help value the estate fell short when it came to the workshop tools and equipment. Even someone who was supposed to know about tools was eying up the ‘fancy pillar drill‘ and thought I was pulling his leg when I explained it was for drilling square holes. (It was of course a morticer).
Although I knew my way around the workshop, I dread to think what others might have said about my description of some of the other items from the estate I sold on.