Festoon Domino "small cutter" adapter for DF700


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20 Aug 2019
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Just came across this on eBay and was intrigued.

Does anyone use the DF700 with this adapter to use smaller cutters?

I've only ever used a mate's df500 for a project. But like most, I have thought of getting one at some point. Looking at eBay, sometimes the df700 go for less money than df500. Not sure if this is because the 700 is harder to handle and too specific for big projects or if there is another reason I don't know.

So when I saw this, I thought it combines the functionality of both machines, in theory. So wasn't sure if that is true in reality.

I have this gizmo.

It works fine - the only drawback is that the big machine is a little hefty to use with the very smallest dominos. It requires some care with the slightly larger ones too but it's eminently useable...
Do you mean it is actually heavy to handhold easily or just bulky to use on small workpieces? Or both?

And how does it affect the depth of cut etc?
I have the Seneca adaptor don`t use it often but it does work as intended.
The 700 machine is bigger but very easy to use and I dont find it heavy or anything I actually prefer it to the 500 because of the handle at the back.
You must make sure that any smaller workpieces are clamped or held securely in some way but I think this would be the same with the smaller machine anyway.
You can only cut to the same depth as the 500 with the smaller cutters installed.

Apparently Festool dislike these adaptors and have refused warranty claims due to the suspected use of the adaptor, not sure if there is any validity to this or how they can prove adaptor use either way. Maybe they are just annoyed they can`t sell everyone 2 domino machines but it is worth being aware of.

If buying one then buy the Senaca version and not some other cheaper clone to ensure quality and you must remember the 500 has much less plunge than the 700 and so don't over depth the smaller cutters as the shoulder will impact the workpiece and put a lot of load onto the 700 which might be why some have reported issues with the gearbox. For me it is a big hefty machine and more suited to the less aged !
Do you mean it is actually heavy to handhold easily or just bulky to use on small workpieces? Or both?

And how does it affect the depth of cut etc?

Apologies for tardy reply. Work does get in the way!

I’d echo what Ollie78 and Spectric have said. The machine is quite bulky when using the smaller cutters and the workpieces MUST be well-secured/held down. Other than that it’s a win - win.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2024.