Any opinion's on TS 2010 and PK200?

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17 Nov 2004
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Farnham, Surrey
Hi all, I trust everyone is back into the swing of things.

I just thought i would post this question to see what people thought of the Scheppach TS 2010 and the Elektra Beckum PK200 package machine. They both have a similar prices and from what i read the TS 2010 appeared to have a similar spec to the TS 2000. I may have read this wrong, i don't know. seem to be selling the kity 419 which is a similar price to the 2010 and pk200.

To be honest i am souding people out to see what thoughts, if any, people have on these saw's and if one might be ever so slightly better than the other. Or not.

hope everyone is well
regards bad