another wood identification please

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10 Aug 2017
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Peak District
I'm struggling to ID this stuff. It's reclaimed, I think, from a wardrobe that must have been fairly old.
Smell is quite strong. A bit like pine, but not entirely familiar.
Works beautifully until you hit a knot. Tear out isn't too bad, but the resin has crystallised in some of places, which makes things interesting.
Colour is very different to the baltic pine (from a Victorian purlin) that I am work with along side this. There is much more red to this stuff.

Thanks in advance.




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It was a common joinery timber in Victorian/Edwardian houses. As has been discussed in other threads, it's not too easy to come by now unfortunately.
Pitch Pine. Nice stuff but full of resin (which used to be used, maybe still is (?) to make turpentine) I used a small amount of it years ago and recollect that it was quite difficult to glue because of the resin content - Rob
It also seems to have been used a lot in church pews in South Wales (maybe that's true everywhere?) - you can buy them dismantled in reclamation places.
pitch pine, you should savour this and use it for something good as it's getting harder to get hold of now.
Thanks all.
It's becoming the stretchers/apron on a coffee table made with a purlin that that was formerly holding up our roof (pre loft conversion). I think that's probably in keeping with the never again-ness of these timbers.

I think I have some more too, but will have to have another look in my stash of reclaimed stuff as it is a bit tricky to tell what you've got when it's all stained brown. Lucky dip and all that.

Thanks too for the heads up about glueing. Will make sure to drawbore the joints.

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