Sensitized to iroko, Need battery info for DIY air supply

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A cheap source of LiOn batteries is mountain biking lights, look on eBay and you'll find generic chinese LED bike lights with good batteries and chargers for around £20. You might find the batteries on their own, but I suspect by the time you've found a charger it'll work out cheaper just to buy the light as a set. Plus if you need a really bright light for anything, you'll have one.

I've had mild reactions to both oak and iroko, but I've not worked either enough to develop anything really problematic, just feel like I've got a mild cold for a day afterwards. I use a decent dust mask and barrier cream now and that seems to do the trick. I'd really recommend the cream for keeping rubbish out of your skin anyway, but especially if you have a particular allergy.

My other thought was that from looking at your workshop, you should consider partitioning it somehow, then moving all the wood and anything else that is going to collect dust and be difficult to keep clean away from the area where you're creating dust. Adopt a sort of clean-room approach to your work area and keep the ambient dust level as low as possible.
Re-cycled stuff can have unknown preservatives within.
I cut up a lot of old stuff - I don't have an allergic problem but I do get that around the mouth irritation occasionally and I've always assumed it is old preservative.
paulrockliffe":r32rl62l said:
.... Adopt a sort of clean-room approach to your work area and keep the ambient dust level as low as possible.
Yep. I've worked with iroko and really good dust extraction is essential. For me this would be priority over face masks, which I hardly ever use. I'm surprised that there is no mention of it in this thread (unless I missed it!).
Doesn't necessarily have to be fine filtering but does need to have high capacity to get a large volume the air in the room passed through pretty fast. An ordinary 4" extractor with cloth bags ends up fine filtering as the fabric gets clogged up with fine dust - I really notice the difference after I've washed the bags (which I do very occasionally) - fine dust goes through but tails off very quickly the more the machine is used.

PS I do use face masks when I dust the workshop - I switch on the dust extractor with the end of the hose lying in the middle of the floor, then go around the whole shop with an old vacuum cleaner on blow instead of suck, blowing dust off all surfaces and from under machines etc.
Tom I don't know if this will help but I have an old 3M dustmaster unit with charger and a few new filters that you can have. I used to run two of them, use one and keep the other ready to swap over when the charge ran out. I replaced it with a versiflo because the batteries stopped holding a charge. I was going to jerry rig some kind of permanent power supply via a step down adapter but that would mean I would have an unbilicol when walking around my workshop. I priced up replacing the batteries but it was not cost effective for me. You would need to source some kind of hood.
Ttrees":lud4ga9t said:
Hi Mike

I was looking at zener diodes they look to be really cheap on the bay, penny's
I suppose I'd be looking at ones rated 6.2V ....not 5.8V ?


You can't just stick a zener diode across a battery to regulate the voltage unless you have a BIG one on a heatsink.

Thanks for all the reply's folks.
I was thinking of getting some barrier cream, but since I get the irritation mostly around my mouth
I thought the stuff might be a bit poisonous to ingest.
I might get that cream for my hands though, If I find an organic solution for my face ...
I hate wearing creams but I might experiment with some beeswax/olive oil solution .

I will look into those lights, especially since reading the other Trend airshield pro thread.
There's a mention that lithium iron needs a specific charger.
Not so sure if the output would match though, guessing on the lights being LED's
the discharge rate rate would be a lot faster also.
I don't thing partitioning is an option in here due to space restrictions, and I think I would feel a bit claustrophobic
with a smaller space, plus the light would need to be moved...
I am aiming to have gained a lot of space when I remove all the moldings off this stuff.
It will stack tightly so won't be much of a hindrance hoarding dust.

I seriously doubt there is any preservative to be the problem here.
All the stuff I collect is hardwood exclusively, there is often primer on them or varnish otherwise.
I always take this paint off firstly, and then leave it for another while before surfacing it and storing it away.
I have spent days doing this before just removing the paint with no other work happening, so guessing I would have had
a bigger reaction then.
I am going to make a Bill Pentz cyclone when I get my info a bit more clear on things
It is quite complicated when you get stuck in, the folks who know their stuff are very set in their ways...
I don't want to be asking them too much and pestering them asking stupid questions
Basically I was told to source a 15" inch propeller instead of a motor first.
It seems I could buy a specific welder for the job to make my own impeller for the cost of them.
Anyway that's another topic ...I will be making air filters too BTW.

That's very very kind of you,
but since I have this mask allready, and the problem everything with a battery faces, I would like to learn how to deal with
this kind of stuff for good
Thanks a bunch for your most generous offer :D

I must admit I have only started to look into this, as I thought I might get away with using the mask as is.
I haven't even got my suit yet

I am going to look through the youtube comments and try find another thread somewhere if it exists before annoying you folks with silly questions any further

Thanks for all your help on this matter folks
Will be back armed with a bit more knowledge
I definitely need the mask and stuff, as I was getting the reaction to planing the timbers before I got these saws running.
No interest in getting an inadequate extractor as I could make a much better version myself for the same
Hello again folks
So Ive been doing a bit more research on this and sourced the battery.
All I needed was to type in 6V 1.4ah battery and charger.
Here I was thinking I needed to figure out dimensions and things :? ... s-Charger-
£24.90, Looks to be a UK seller
I might try to find it cheaper, but this looks to be the cheapest on the bay.

Those fans are indeed computer fans
The man in the video has used two 5V .23A fans ...£3.34 for a pair, freepost

The Zener diode is 3.3v and can be got for £3

And the filter I'm gonna copy also, which is a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower filter
Might look for this locally, about 7 pounds on the bay.

I wouldn't mind some info on the input jack and the 3 way toggle switch
The toggle switches I see on eBay for a quid ....are these ones suitable?
1pcs Switching Light Toggle Switch 3 Way 6Pins DPDT AC 250V 2A 120V 5A

And the input jack for charging
I'm guessing I just find anything like an old charger or something and cut the wires and join em up ?
With your help of course =D>

That looks to be it, and apart from the fittings which I can find easy enough, it seems I wont run into any bother ?

Thanks everyone for your help
Hi Tom,

Apologies for resurrecting the thread, but as the summer is closing in and I am entering my workshop maintenance period, I am starting to look into an active air supply mask.
I have been using the force 8 respirator for dust filtration and it is not great for wearing over 30 minutes a time.

Have you finished your mask? Can it be used while wearing glasses? What fans (size?) and batteries did you settle on? Where did you get the hose and how did you attach it?
Any information would be great.
Are the Chinese masks ok or am I better off getting the actual 3M one?

Thank you.
I have a 4" extractor fan mounted in reverse in the wall of the shed. This connects via tumble drier hose to an adaptor on the top of my face shield so that it blows cool air down over my face. Great in summer but not so good in winter.
As this is for use at the lathe where there is no need to move far, it works well. Whether it would be suitable for other types of woodwork, I don't know.
Hello M Chavez
I haven't made the thing yet, since I haven't had any reaction since to the timbers,
I am keeping myself well clear from what I believe to have caused the problem
(mouth ulcers which sent the immune system into overdrive)
I was going all out there and bought a fancy garment which I believed to be the thing I had tried on in a local shop, only to be slung some other rags at a hefty cost, with no returns, and the O'Conner group of Cork, repeatedly lied to me on the phone, and said the breathable garment and material of it in question did not exist :p :p :p
Rant over ...

This mask if I make it, will not be intended for respiratory protection.
The supply is just to stop the mask fogging up, so the mask would only be part of a barrier during regular woodworking operations when hand working reaction timbers.
Serious dust extraction hoped to do that an 8" pipe with 1000 CFM into decent cartrige
filters or outside, and an air filter for afterwards

Dug it out to check about suitability with glasses and it does not seem like it would work... checked this with some goggles to see.

Those batteries aren't cheap if you type in that spec
I might spring for the parts sometime in future, if I need to use the tablesaw much again
as it makes good protection from possible projectiles.


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