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12 Jul 2021
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Frome, Somerset
Just joined yesterday and finding my way round - slowly - and following as requested to post an intro...

I'm now 70 and getting back to sorting out my workshop which became a dumping ground a few years ago after the death of my mother back in 2005 with trying to find places to store stuff; boxes etc., - so 16 years ago... hard to think it's that long ago!

Long time ago, when a youngster, I wanted to be a carpenter/cabinet maker - always had a love of wood and making stuff - but that didn't happen due to the "advice" given by a careers "officer" at the school who informed my parents I'd get a "better" job if I stayed on for 'O' levels etc. Sadly my working life turned out to be somewhat different with a variety of all sorts of work - mainly retail - but I even had a go at smallholding up on the Yorkshire moors and renovated an old dilapidated farm house... but that's a story in itself.

Cut away many years to a job back in 1987 after moving to the West country (Somerset) and working for a company called "Charlton's Timber" at their wood centre in Radstock. A job I thoroughly enjoyed, who wouldn't?, being surrounded by timbers of all types: English and imported hardwoods, turning blanks of all types, machinery, craft supplies and the "Open Days" for craftsmen and machine manufacturers etc. Five and a half years later I was made redundant (it was that bad period - not helped because a month previously my father had passed away) and it was another six years before finding full time employment as a spindle moulder operator at a local pine factory - until he went bust a few months later... but he'd already laid me off after I trained another guy up to do my job! After that I ended up in a creamery as a "Cream Process Operator" for 19 years until I retired back in January 2017. So what with one thing or another quite a varied life in work - and out of.

As mentioned, if some are still reading this... :), I'm finally slowly sorting out the workshop and can now actually see and touch the work bench and see the lathe (Tyme SL750 used for many turning projects for Falconry blocks - another passion I had; Falconry) and try out the Titan TPT125 thicknesser purchased a few months ago, sort out some of the wood stocks and get ready to make something. I got a cheap saw table (TITAN TTB763TAS 254MM ELECTRIC TABLE SAW 220-240V) last year from Screwfix which has been of use last year with constructing a Summer House for the wife.

Some photos (of photos as the originals aren't of digital origin) of previous projects dating back to between 1988 & 1991, attached, were a garden bench out of Iroko, a Yew & Ash chest for a work colleague and an Oak coffee table... A hopeful future project is a rocking chair for my daughter - and her hubby - who is expecting our first grandchild around November time...

Thanks for staying with me


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12 Mar 2013
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Welcome, nice to have you, and thanks for the intro. We love people making stuff, and the more photos the better.


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29 Apr 2020
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Belated welcome, was recently up around your way at centreparcs! Enjoy the forum, lots of info available!!

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