Another dust extractor question!

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Harrys friend

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16 Mar 2014
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My mobile dust/chip extractor setup has worked well for 2 years now (mainly used for lathe work) but is noisy and a nuisance to move and connect to another machine. I am re-designing my shop and intend to house the extractor in a soundproof cupboard and connect to a 60mm pipe system with blast gates. I wonder if the Sheppach 1000 and my seperator box will provide enough suck for the pipe systems (longest run approx 4m) so I considerd modifying the Sheppach with a Thien baffle arrangement and discarding the seperator box. Any thoughts / advice would be gratfully recieved.
I tried to upload a photo of the present set up but after 15 mins it was still "in progress" so I gave up!
I have a similar sized pipe run working with a single motor Camvac which I believe is about 1000 watts.
Does that work OK Graham? I inherited a single motor Camvac and have 63mm (2.5") pipes and flexi's to install but never got around to it as I assumed the Camvac wouldn't be man enough for the job. The plan was always to buy a more powerful dust/chip extractor, but your comments have given me hope! Especially since I have just been made redundant and "fun" money is at a premium right now.

Apologies for the threadjack Harrys Friend and welcome to the forum! :D
I have 63mm pipework running along one wall with a couple of blast gates in it, up and across the ceiling with a fork in the middle going to two more blast gates/machine hookups. I didn't really expect the cam vac to cope but surprisingly it does. I do have a cyclone ( dust mite) before the vac as I doubt if it would cope once the filters started to clog up.