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3 Jun 2017
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Hi All

Picked up the above product from Aldi for £49.99 and having used it a little today, I thought some people may find a review quite handy. Just as an FYI, this is the first Wet & Dry Vacuum I have bought and used. The reason I bought it was to use it to clean up the garage/workshop, clean the inside of the cars and heavy clean up inside the house after doing DIY type work. Prior to this I was using an old cannister bagged vacuum and more newer bagless vacuum cleaner to clean up the g/w and the cars. The bagged one worked fine in general, but the bag would soon fill up as it was pretty small albeit it did have a 1400w power rating. The newer bagless one was fine for the cars, but when it came to the g/w the filter would just clog up after a minute of use. For inside the house the bagless wasn't too bad, but again it has a pretty small capacity, as did our dyson. We have another bagged upright and it's largely useless because it switches off after 10 minutes of use because it gets too hot, but it was £20. Obviously none of the existing vacs can be used wet.

The specs for the Aldi machine are:

Capacity: 30L
Colour: Black/Blue/Steel
Hose Length: 2.5m
Wattage: 1500W
3 Year Warranty
Autostart and Power Take Off

Did not come with the bags, but they are optional.

The first thing to note is that the Aldi one, is the same as the Einhell TE-VC 1930 SA. The Einhell is £97 on Amazon so the fact that Aldi are flogging them for half price perplexes me. My initial impression of the thing was the fact that it was pretty light weight for its size, although I personally do prefer products to have a little weight to them because I think often something heavier just feels a little more stable in the build quality obviously this isn't always true. Putting the thing together is pretty simple, literally push the wheels in, screw in the handle, put the foam sleeve on if you plan to use it wet and connect the hose. The hose feels pretty flimsy, especially in comparison to the little bagless one I have. The suction pipe is made up of 3 plastic tubes and one aluminium tube which connects the pipe to the floor or crevice tool. This I don't like mostly because I can foresee losing one of the tubes, or the aluminium joining tube quite likely all of the above. I would have much preferred a telescopic steel tube that can be sized to the preference of the user. As it happens one is available on Amazon for around £25ish along with a better floor tool. This brings me nicely onto the floor tool which has a clip on the brush, so if switching to carpet it needs to be taken off. Again, I find this to be annoying, mostly because of the faf of it. In terms of performance I gave the g/w a once over and it basically sucked up anything and everything it was exposed , including fine dust, leaves, sawdust and a few large spiders which may or may not have been alive. The wet function also worked without a problem tested it against a bucket of water. I did notice that it gave off a mild smell from the motor, but there was no smoke or flames and I'm hoping that might dissipate after a few more uses.

Overall for £50 it is a good deal without a doubt because it does the job it needs to do effectively and seems capable of handling anything it comes up against. The tools provided to perform the task, should be better, especially when considering that the overall cost would not be vastly different. I've seen much cheaper vacuum cleaners with telescopic pipes and better quality hoses. Also, it wouldn't have killed them to throw in a free dust bag. The performance of the vacuum is let down by this and what seems to be a penny pinching attitude from the manufacturers, exhibited in the tools they have provided. I hope this penny pinching isn't evident in the build of the motor unit itself because that will be disappointing.

Hope members find this helpful.


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