Workshop wet and dry Vaccuum recommendations approx 48l

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26 Aug 2022
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I bought a Karcher NT48/1 wet and dry vacuum it is a great vacuum for both wet and dry use. I have used for sucking water up for dry use for cleaning up a mess to fit onto tools for extraction. It has only lasted 2 years and the motor has burnt out and is no longer under warranty! Can anyone recommend a good vacuum similar 48l size that will last!!
I have the own brand one from screwfix, which I've been abusing for going on 5+yrs. Their current Titan one gets reasonable reviews for the price, except the tools are terrible quality so keep those from your Karcher.
I had a wet and dry vac I bought and it was out of warranty when it quit. 😡 I took it apart to see why. One of the carbon brushes was stuck in the holder and was near new in length. The other was so short it was no longer contacting enough to keep working. I thought it was a fluke and bought another that happened to be on sale, keeping the motor of the first for parts. It couldn't happen again could it? Well wouldn't you know it, the second did the same thing!😡😡😡 I took the good brush from the first and put it in the second and it's running again. It has been banished to the garage to suck up water from melted snow the the cars are parked. You should pull yours apart to see if it had the same reason for kicking the bucket. I kept the body of the first vac to use as a place to toss scraps into when using the table saw.

£74 for a branded replacement motor + turbine on ebay.
It's usually pretty simple to swap them out.
You've nothing to lose by opening yours up to check the brushes and bearings of the motor, and sniff for burnt windings.
On wet and dry vacs I always wonder about water getting through and causing corrosion or beari g damage inside the turbine.