Advice for a newbie : Electra Beckum DB 800

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Martin Dowding

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5 Mar 2022
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Hi, I have just bought an Elektra Dreschelbank DB800 to see if I’m going to enjoy woodturning.
The lathe comes with a large flat base plate on the headstock and I think I would like to use a smaller spur type spindle. The base plate is held on by one large screw that runs through the headstock. There is no screw thread within the headstock.
I don’t know what I need to make the conversion. Do I need an adaptor, a chuck, and a spur? If so what sizes and where from?
Also the tail stock is rusted tight. Does anyone have a suggestion to help budge it? It is soaking in wd40. Could I buy an alternative tailstock? If so from where?
I am completely new to this so please accept my apologies if I’m being rather stupid, but also please keep any responses simple enough for me to understand.
I could not find any user manuals online for this lathe.
I have attached some photos, which I hope will help.
Many thanks in advance


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The photos help get an idea of whats what so thanks for posting them. Looks like they have a fixing system all their own. Never seen anything like that on a lathe. I had a google search that showed some picks but everything is in German so no wiser. Your best bet will be trying to contact the company. With luck there may be someone on here who has one that can help point you in the right direction. As to the stuck tailstock you are on the right track. Keep soaking and trying to turn it. You could try Mole grips to assist the turning but be gentle.
Hope this of some help i dont speak German either, but gives you an idea of what you need and some thread sizes


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