ACM Star / Griggio SNA 600 bandsaw teardown

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I omited cutting a slot in the end of the screw, as I thought it would come out easier.
It didn't and it wasn't fun cutting it inside the machine.
Make note not to keep screwing if it's really tough, as you will have to lift table off.
Still tight in spots and a fight gradually filing the slot larger, especially focusing on the top of the slot.

Eager to see what it's like with the washer, but paint is curing yet.

As I couldn't look at the broken smiley face

Since I was doing some welding, and I really want to finish every single thing off with the machine,
Well for now at least...
I decided to tidy up that opening for the tension screw, as I went too deep with the grinder/used too large a disc, and needed to build up again to match the rounder profile.
Just couldn't look at that anymore,lol.
Went well with the arc used up the last two of the 2mm rods which I was a bit anxious of doing.


No excuse not to focus on the tires now, maybe use the machine for a bit once I assemble again, and make a decision on whether to bevel that top wheel further or not.
Hello again, it's been a while.
Been ages since I've been able to do much in the workshop, and very keen to get this saw
working sweetly.
After a few test cuts/adjustments and whatnot, things still aren't right yet, no surprise.
Further checks needed to be done, and I was wanting to test out another method for alignment I'd been pondering about.


First thing to check was the top wheel, which I was a bit anxious about, considering the carriage repair work was done on a wing and a prayer.


Quite relieved that things wern't a mile out

Same deal with the bottom wheel


Glad to see that my alignment method is spot on, no adjustment needed.
Nice to have a stand for the camera, so one can get a level photo, and get a proper impression of how much the upper wheel is out by.

Now that I've got these lines, I could set the machine up to inspect the pulley.
Note the shadow line where the belt meets the hub, as the pulley wants to be closer towards the wheel.

Trouble is the pulley is sitting 7.4mm out from the shaft already.
With the wheels double checked, time to inspect the pulley alignment.

Suppose these lines might just be the holy trinity of the bandsaw :D

Some anticipation regarding the pulley, as I plan to move the motor forward,
which would enable alignment, and also allowing the pulley to sit closer.
I wasn't sure how much key was there.


Thankfully there's plenty of length to play with

Man that took some effort to make the pulley sit further.
I had to give it a good lick with abrasive, as it's a sort of tapered hole,
i.e the pulley wouldn't insert backwards, (no burrs or anything like that)

If I can get the shaft just a smidge further if needed,
then it'll hopefully suit the 10mm plate I've got to shim the motor out from the frame,
better than the thinner stuff.


Keen to get working on this, but not drawing lines in haste after such a battle, so that's it for now.

All the best
I've since made an adjustable plate, just going out to do some shimming today.
Might as well do an update, as I had some trouble repeating those lines, bit trickey to draw and would like to document what the solution was, without a backlog of other stuff.

Flattening the stock





Got the marking out done, the second time round that is,
(my original centreline was off)

Hopefully I can get some drilling done later on, but may fumble about first with a few things,
as I'm unsure if welding on feet is a good idea, and a hole in the center wouldn't help matters if I done so beforehand....
so may tap it instead, as at least then I could figure out the right thickness to use.
The plate isn't sitting against the frame so well, so a bit of scraping some lumpy paint off and a few taps should help.
Figured some 6mm flat bar was the best thickness to go with (feet for the plate) and only have narrow bar for that,
so decided to weld these strips on rather than tapping.
Then I'll figure where I want to drill, and whether I've got enough fixings to muck about with things.

Holes drilled and made sure things lined up before taking out the middle

Hoping the plate will sit nicer with the feet on each end, could'a tired persuading it for posterity, but its a bit much of an ask
in this case for multiple reasons above, and I suppose would be questionable whether it would stay put.


Keen to get that plate mounted, currently letting my li'l welder cool down.
Hoping the plate won't need too much bashing afterwards, bit messy to be taking piccies yet.

Bloomin damp rods, not going smoothly atall, had a new well sealed pack which was an improvement, but still not great.
At least the plate is seemingly unwarped,whilst clamped down on some 10mm plate.
My thinking to have more emphasis on the outside welds as it would be easier fixed,
It's still surprisingly flat...but I haven't unclamped it yet!.
Awaiting the welder again, it wasn't a pleasing experience.

I wasn't expecting it to bend this way


Good few more wallops needed, chasing bends and twist out


Sitting nicely against the frame now, and still plenty of space for the belt tensioner bracket, just about.




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Took a fair bit more bashing to get the plate to sit nicely on the machine

And also the other side of it in which the motor will be mounted against

Bit of step drilling, a dang good reason to keep those broken drills

Best tenner that I've spent in a long time, one of those rare occasions where I cheeped out and it didn't bite me in the @r$e

as it's well over twenty quid these days for a pack of Bahco's, near three times more expensive than the pathetic by comparison, Stanley ones.

I guessed as much, so bought one good'un, wasn't expecting to get much use from the saw frame which came with,
but the blade is able to be installed @90, rather than my other saw @45 deg
Turned out to be just the tool for the job!

Spent more time than I needed filing that ovalish hole to look a bit tidier
and the difference isn't atall noticeable with the motor installed, cursaid OCD,

Pleased to say the least that the assembly is very rigid, wasn't sure if the flat bar would be enough, phew.

Still have to work out exactly what thickness shim I need, but done the outline of the plate, so that's basically that,
just measuring in 5mm from each side, and measure the difference again.
assembled plate.JPG

It'll be no more than 7mm, and looks like I'll be doing some grinding to taper it off some.
Will have to wait till morning to do that, must have a good rummage around for something that suits.
I do hope I'll get enough movement of the trunnion when assembled, as I would like my table slot parallel for crosscutting.
Fingers crossed about that


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