A little help if possible regarding my SIP 01332 table Saw


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12 May 2022
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Hi all,

I've had my SIP 01332 Table saw for 3 years (it was alreasy 2nd hand when i bought it). It's aproper workhorse and is used regularly fro my hobby...

Lately though, it's becoming tough to raise the blade. I've cleaned out the inside as much as possible but to no avail. I have to put a decent amount of pressure on the dial to get it to lift. So, 2 questions:-

1. Do you guys know of anyone who can service these near the Swindon area?
2. I'm happy to grease / do whatever myself if someone can point me in the right direction. I don't really want to start taking the cast iron top off, but will if I have to.
3. Where can I buy replacement blade height / angle adjustment levers for this - the ones I have have lost their knobs and are a a pain.
(Yes, I snuck a third question in there :) )

many thanks,

it is possible that the gearings (cogs) that convert the clockwise turning of the dial to up and down movement of the blade are clogged with sawdust.
That is certainly what happened to my first table saw. From memory it was a little difficult to get to the whole length of each spiral and gear, but solved the problem.
I have that saw, bought it new many years ago and the problem is with the worm gear drive. It happened to mine and like an silly person I kept using it and stripped the drive shaft, didn't cost too much to replace but doing it was a pita. You can get at the mechanism though awkward via the side panels, I regularly clean and lubricate mine now as I learned my lesson, Just get in with an old paint brush and a vac or better still an airline if you have one but do it before it bites you in the backside as it will be expensive to have it repaired by others if it breaks.

You can get handle wheels from companies such as WDS but may need to adapt them, I bought one from SIP and found they had changed the fitting and didn't know as they're just import saws.
The community makespace has the same problem with its iTech/SIP saw
The saw mech is completely dismantled now
and it looks like the mech design is quite bad
as the worm gear thread for the raising mech is stripped

Please can anyone recommend engineer/metalwork company that could remake the gears

Many thanks
You can, or could buy the parts from SIP, doesn't matter if it's an Itech as they're the same saw. A good few years since I did mine though