A definitive guide to the bandsaw? Recommendations sought


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22 Sep 2014
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Is there a good book out there to show me the full potential of the machine? I get along fine making rip cuts and small cross cuts, but the table /mitre gauge on my elektra Beckum 316G is a bit limiting for longer cross cuts. I have the impression that with the right jigs, sleds and some tweaking/upgrade to the fence I could unlock a whole world of possibilities which would allow me to broaden my horizons safely and accurately.

NB I'm not averse to watching the odd tip on Utube, but I'd sooner a 'proper' reference that I don't need to fact check for safety's sake! Something along similar lines to the Bill Hylton router book?
As above. This is Steve's website. I have the bandsaw dvd episode and it walked me through set up and more when I first got my saw. They can also be sent digitally nowadays. You can have it tonight! ( :D ) Also, he's a proper goodun who shares his knowledge freely on here and as such deserves support to my mind. As a regular on here I take a lot away from this community. One hand should wash the other.
Personally I don't know of any books,though they must be available of course but once you have the basics of setting up your saw sorted then really you are looking at how to get the most from it. Steve will walk you through the first steps gently. When you need to resolve a particular problem later in use then tinternet is your best mate.
+ another 1 here for Steve Maskery's DVDs on band saws (I think there are 3 in total). NO kidding, that cost must be the best few quid I ever spent on this hobby, bar none. (Usual disclaimers).

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