8mm collet for Makita 3612 Router


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16 Nov 2020
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Hampshire / Sussex
I’m hoping that the collective wisdom on this forum will be able to help me define the question to get what I need.

Background: my Men’s Shed have a Leigh Super 18 Dovetail jig with a set of 8mm shank Leigh dovetail cutters.

To use with the jig they have a Makita 3612 router with a guide bush insert.

The problem is that the collet on the router is 1/2” (12.7mm) and the cutters are 8mm.

We do have a 12mm to 8mm reducing sleeve but that is too loose.

the obvious solution would be to use a 1/2” to 8mm reducing sleeve - does anyone know if such a thing exists? And yes I have tried all sorts of searches but have not been able to get a definitive answer (I did ask Makita but am still waiting for them to call).

Another option might be to get an 8mm collet nut for the router, but again I have not been able to establish if such a thing exists.

If anyone can help with the question I need to be asking to get some clear answers for either of
these options I would very much appreciate it.

or, if there are any other options you can suggest that would be great as well.

I have a Makita OEM 8mm collet for my Makita 3620 (and use it often), but the 3620 is 3/8" max, not 1/2".

Cheers, Vann.

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