1/4" and 6mm router cutters/collets


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13 Feb 2020
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Just bought the Einhell plunge/palm cordless router combo - on the face of it pretty good and the same battery platform as quite a few other Einhell tools I have - replacing a couple of corded 1/4" routers.

The new Einhell says "6mm collet" . . . my large quantity of cutters are all 1/4" (i.e. 6.35) .... the question is compatibility . . . research seems to come up with lots of answers and views : NO to 6mm cutter in 1/4 collet (that makes sense) and YES/PERHAPS to 1/4 cutter in 6mm collet.

Toolstation (I didn't buy the tools there) lists the product as "6mm (1/4") collet" . . .

It looks like I might be able to get a 1/4 collet from Einhell, but the product list for it doesn't mention the router I have (I have sent a query but I really need to use the router in the next day or two)

No to either way round based on my experience with |Elu and Dewalt routers but could be different for other tmakes
6mm shank doesnt grip properly in a1/4" collet ( I made that mistake once)
1/4" shank wont fit in a 6mm collet.
I think it is safer to just stick to 2 sizes of shank 1/4" and 1/2", that way you cant make mistake
Update . . . it looks as if the Katsu corded palm router I also have has a 1/4" collet that's interchangeable with the Einhell as a temporary solution. The Katsu (Makita copy) came with 2 collets.

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