2020 Secret Santa ......and we're off!


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Kick starting his pole lathe.
:LOL: very good Phil. Not woodwork related. Just walking on a field path in the Chilterns on a slippery chalk clay. Slipped, landed badly on this foot. 3 fractures in my ankle.

A month or so ago, I walked 74 miles over 4 days along the Pennine way from Horton in Ribblesdale to Appleby in Westmorland, on my own, miles away from anywhere, without incident. But a Sunday stroll lands me on crutches for six weeks.

Hopefully it will still have plenty of treadling left in it yet. But not before Christmas.

I'm collecting titanium from the NHS quite well. By the time I go, they will call the scrapman not the undertaker.
As someone who took part for the first time last year I can heartily recommend getting involved.
So so sorry to hear that Phil,
We have had a close call this week and it was touch and go for our dog so very much feel for you.
You should all have emails. When you get them please let me know by email. Thanks.

I've been asked when the cut off date is. I thought setting it at 10/12 was possibly a bit early, but in view of the lockdown I expect couriers to be run ragged so it's probably good to aim for this. It's a target, not an order - with the best will in the world things always over run. Just try to ensure delivery before Xmas.
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Think we might all be considering sorting out our christmas list for friends and families a lot earlier on that topic. Thanks again for all the effort Phil.
Suggest you list who you are waiting for.
Just incase they think you have had a confirmation
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