1st Compressor & Nailer Issues


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For those with the 18v nailers, how are they for inflating tyres, blowing down your lathe / bench / bandsaw, spraying finishes? ;-)
They are good for deflating tyres and kill Schroeder valves, leave scratches on the bandsaw and bench, using an inordinate amount of nails for the job & the capacity for holding finish is minute and spraying it is even less good 😊 ;)
Thought I'd just update the thread... I got a replacement nail gun and all works as expected now. Thanks for the tips.
What nail gun did you go for.?
I have a couple but I tend to use my brad/stapler most, I am on the look out
for a type 71 staple gun. Was given a box full of staples, hard to justify buying one just for my hobby ..lol
Yes 12mm mdf I could try some pine tomorrow but was hoping to use it on mdf.
12mm :? thats pretty thin by all accounts, and it should have zero difficulty in driving them in and even burying the heads.

Glad its sorted for you.
Though you should now get a headless veneer pinner. Much better finish and no need to punch those T heads into the surface leaving the need to fill and sand.