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Roberto Flintofski

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3 May 2020
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North Lincolnshire
Evening all,

Got myself all confused whilst trying to actually simplify things out in the Workshop, already have the Dust extraction set up ( working well ) but fed up of the trailing hoses so thought I would invest in the 6000mm

508481 Axminster Retractable Hose - 100mm

I already had 100mm cuffs ( or so I thought ) that would suffice.

Hose delivered and I tried to fit one of my existing cuffs to no avail, tried the other and it screwed on easily ! one end done, looking deeper into it I somehow have ended up with 2 Cuffs in the W/Shop one with a LH Thread and one a RH Thread however I Cant remember which I purchased from where :-( I do remember purchasing a hose and one cuff from Record Power when I bought the Camvac but for the life of me I dont remember from where.

Still baffled I contacted Axminster and was told they dont sell hose cuffs for that Hose as it is a different thread to their normal hoses which they do sell cuffs for ------ Jesus !

So Ordered 2 x Charnwood Hose cuffs / adapters one LH & one RH they came and screw inside the hose not on the outside and they are Solid Hard Plastic so no good for slipping over a 4'' duct and securing or moving from machine to machine and also will need some form of 100mm rubber sleeve to facilitate this.... Losing the will to live yet ??? I am ! The 100QCL one is the one that screws inside but i need a rubber one that fits externally over the outside.

I have made the Charnwood one kind of work by turning the spare 100mm rubber one inside out and slipping over the solid plastic one but its not ideal fix !

Any ideas folks by looking at the hose as to where to get a correct one ?



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