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    what oil can i use for my cl3 bearings

    Record do bearing oil but to be honest I just used a transmission oil for an auto gear box in mine it worked fine do not use 3 in 1 or similar
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    Car Air Con - do you follow manufacture service schedule?

    Most problems occur because people dont use air con needs to be used for at least an hour once a month to stop it smelling foul. I never service on a newish car but my old car used to loose gas and need regassing at the start of the summer it lasted the summer then I got rid of car.
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    Using pallets to move tools 900 miles

    You can buy pallet sides that fit on a standard 40 x 48 pallet effectively making a crate they can be up to 24" high.
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    Bad Wine - can it be returned?

    Pour the glasses back in the bottle and take it back, I would give it a go they can only say sorry go away but hedging my bets I think tesco would at least replace it with the same or different bottle you may have a rogue there.
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    Strange ideas some folk..

    Wonder what I could do with bubble wrap got lots of that spare at work :lol:
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    Table saw and mitre saw not working

    Both are brush motor machines
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    Table saw and mitre saw not working

    everything else works on those sockets have tried on different plugs plus extension from house both are deader than dodos at the moment. going to take the mitre saw and store it in the warm for a few days and try again after replacing fuse and see what happens then but I am not hopeful.
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    Hi Peggy you can get them in the UK is your mandrel a Rotur / planet one or an Axminster one as a dealer I dont get asked for them very often but I do keep one or 2 on the shelf. Your main problem is one of tolerance for instance the Axminster mandrels are a couple of thou's small than Rotur...
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    Table saw and mitre saw not working

    Went to use both my table saw and mitre saw yesterday and both of them started ie the blade started to spin but immediately stopped within saw a second of switching on. Is this damp as my garage seems very damp and could it hopefully be just blown fuses in the plugs going try that this afternoon...
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    Correct use of the skew.

    Look for the Alan Batty skew chisel video not sure if its on DVD or on youtube but IMO its the best video of the correct use and variety of uses of a skew chisel
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    question for expats in France

    I regularly send stuff to Europe and those postage rates are what it costs check out the Royalmail price finder page to send 1kg to Europe costs £7.82 and if you want it signed for for tracking purposes add another £5.35 so £12.00 for a microcrystaline wheel was just about spot on cost wise and...
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    Urban myth or not?

    I have cut holes in the floor so we can all run like hell like the Ant hill mob on wacky races just in case that happens :lol: :lol: I honestly have no idea and have no wish to find out the hard way think I will ask the dealers at the next service
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    Urban myth or not?

    My car is a Renault and will run if key not in the car but try and drive and it only runs at about 8 miles and hour and it beeps and squeals and makes all sorts of protests. Dropped my son off at the bus stop once after he got in the car before me. He inocently put key in his pocket. I left him...
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    New toy...this could become an expensive hobby!

    Used to be a member of the British Astronomical society, got to go to some lectures organised by local astronomy club at Torquay grammar school when Chris Lintott was a pupil there and not a presenter on sky at night. Met Patrick Moore a couple of times once at a lecture in Torquay and once when...
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    Trend GB/5 compatibility questions

    For those that dont know in the back of a Trend catalogue is a compatablilty chart that list what you need to get Trend products to fit a particular router