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    Enough to give them the hump

    Ok, can you please arrange for my content to be deleted from the forum, I don't know how to contact the Admin.
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    Enough to give them the hump

    Seriously? *sigh*
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    Enough to give them the hump

    Why was my comment above removed?
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    Circular saw blade to cut brass tube

    A blade that cuts aluminium usually cuts other non-ferrous metals - ... -Chop-Saws
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    Property Compensation Consultants

    I get separate payments for LV poles, stays, underground cable and oversail (of a HV supply where the poles are beyond my property). It's worth getting a wayleaves muppet from Scottish Power to come out and have a look. You shouldn't need to do anything yourself, besides the initial phone call...
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    Property Compensation Consultants

    Hmm, you're right on the border of the WPD area, not sure if your distributor is SP Energy Networks. ... it's one of those, anyway. :-D
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    Property Compensation Consultants

    Just contact Western Power Distribution and tell them that you believe you're entitled to a wayleave payment for an 'oversail' on your property. It's not much, but why give a third party a piece of it?
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    chiselsaurus !

    Found you a handle blank and a ferrule...
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    Darkest Hour

    I can't believe that's Gary Oldman. He never looks anything like himself in any of his films. :-D
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    Mystery object.

    Also, why are the bolts so friggin' long? You could hold a paving slab in there (if you wanted a 40 degree bevel on a paving slab, of course)
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    Mystery object.

    What angle is the slope? Is it to hold something for honing/sharpening? Maybe start a sharpening thread if you need more replies? :-D
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    T-bar or t-track?
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    Long thin wood drill bits

    Would an auger bit in those sizes not be ok?
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    Screwfix and Toolstation

    Technically, Screwfix and B&Q are both owned by Kingfisher plc
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    Claymore (Brian)

    I wish I had the words, Brian. Thinking of you. xx