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  1. K

    planer or thicknesser first or planer thicknesser?

    I've had the experience of taking light passes with a DW734 thicknesser and getting the board flat without using a sled. You have to be patient, but it works fine. Kirk
  2. K

    Table Saw Blade - planer finish possible?

    Naw, get a glue line rip for the TS. Put a crosscut blade on your RAS.:) Kirk
  3. K

    American terms

    I always thought Mark Twain said it. But then, I'm biased, and I also say stuff like "jointer" and "planer" and "oscillating spindle sander" and "dust collector" and "drill press".:) Kirk who also says "handle" and could never understand "tote", which is a verb, not a noun...
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    A sad day in surbiton

    Dang! We had that show over here in the...well, a long time ago on public TV. Great show. Richard just seemed like the nicest guy. I'm sorry to hear that he's gone. Kirk
  5. K

    Box Competition - Please vote if you intend to partcipate

    I'm in as long as it's got a long lead time before the due date, it's pictures only, and it's free/nominal, seeing as I'm short of the right color currency. Kirk
  6. K

    Bandsaw scrollsaw

    The Carter Stabilizer works pretty good for very narrow blades: Don't know if you can get one to fit your saw, though. Kirk
  7. K

    Music in the workshop

    Heck, I thought it was going to be a thread about what people were listening to. Kirk heading back out to the shop, where the CD player has been loaded with an odd selection of 70's (Linda Ronstadt & ELO) plus current music (Train & 3 Doors Down)...
  8. K

    Sedgwick PT255 Strip down and rebuild (with Photographs)

    Nigel: I hear you, and given your priorities you've made a perfectly valid choice. You are essentially betting that the 1ph motor's centrifugal switch, capacitors, and the IEC starter's coil will outlast the the inverter, with the possible bonus of a little more power in the motor, too. I...
  9. K

    Sedgwick PT255 Strip down and rebuild (with Photographs)

    Andy: I think he mentions that above, but decided against it. I would have gone that way (OK, I did go that way on my lathe and DP). Kirk
  10. K

    Sedgwick PT255 Strip down and rebuild (with Photographs)

    Excellent results. They sure didn't do you any favors with that giant junction box on the motor. Since it's single phase, can we presume it has start and run capacitors in it? I hope you don't bang your knuckles on the starter box when you're cranking the table up or down. Kirk
  11. K

    Elf'n'Safety madness

    Yea, but are the instructions in Spanish and French too? Kirk, from a place where multilingual instructions are needed to accomodate immigrants (legal and il) and a tiny number of perfidious eastern Canadians...
  12. K

    UK Driving Licence

    OK, I can see the tank part. But you can fly jets with your driver's license? Cool! Kirk who needs to visit the local DMV to renew sometime in the next month...
  13. K

    Workshop extraction advice

    Stay with a wider hose as long as you can--get a reducer and attach it right at the machine. A wider hose has less resistance and you'll get better suction. Bandsaws often have poor dust collection setups, so keeping the airflow moving as well as possible is important. The wider hose really...
  14. K

    New toy...this could become an expensive hobby!

    Bah. That's not a Ford Galaxy. This is a Ford Galaxy: :) If you can get far enough away from towns, the Milky Way is really spectacular. And if you can get far enough north to see the Northern Lights, now there's a whole other animal. And you don't need a telescope for either. Kirk
  15. K

    "Rough Cut" with Tommy Mac TV show on UK TV

    Tommy's show is kind of ...frantic. Especially the early ones. The later ones are somewhat calmer. I have seen him give a demo in person and he's pretty much the same way. His style of woodworking is different from mine, so I'm not attracted to many of his projects. On the other hand...