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    February challenge

    Unfortunately I won't make this months challenge as work commitments have got in the way and the only free weekend was this one and I am away. Good luck to everyone who enters and I will be back to the lathe next month with a bit of luck. Steve
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    january - the results

    Great to see some new blood this year, well done to everyone that entered and thanks to Nev and Paul for organising and judging. Steve
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    January Challenge - Post your entries HERE!

    Here is my effort for this month, made of Oak and it finished 3" x 1 1/2". I started with a 2" x 5" blank mounted between centre's and turned it to a cylinder, a spigot was turned on each end and the magic 1/3 - 2/3 measurement was then parted off. The base was hollowed using a spindle gouge and...
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    Spirit stain application help

    Adam, I remember watching a demo once where it was pointed out that a paper or kitchen towel is designed to soak up fluid and when you think about it this may be why they are not the best thing to use with a stain. I use safety cloth which I've found much better. As for the burnishing...
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    Personal Challenge - and a bit of fun.

    Thanks for your comments and support, things going fine at the moment and I'm looking forward to filling the box over the next few months. Regards Steve
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    Personal Challenge - and a bit of fun.

    I thought it was about time I gave up smoking but as a bit of an incentive decided to put a few £'s away each week and treat myself somewhere down the line. Rather than buy a moneybox I thought I'd make one and have a bit of fun in the workshop. This is 12" x 1 3/4", turned in two parts just...
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    Wine glass w' turned stem

    I think this is what you are after, if so I made this one just before Christmas for a leaving present. I ran a file round the glass before snapping the stem over a spindle blank. The rest is fairly simple and is down to taste really, I wasn't too sure about the shape but the recipient loved it...
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    2013 Challenge Projects list

    I can see me scratching my head a few times this year but look forward to the challenge.......... Well done Nev, something for everyone there, as for the newbies finding it daunting I think the best thing to do is keep it simple, looking through the list I can't see anything that should put...
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    Which toolrest?

    I've had a couple of tool rests from Stiles and Bates and will be ordering another for my new lathe as it's larger. They normally have some in stock so I'm with Barry, worth giving them a ring. Steve
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    December Challenge - The results!

    Congratulations to everyone who entered and of course to Duncan for finishing top of the pile. Well done to everyone involved and the judges and I wish you all a happy New Year. Steve
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    2013 challenge...

    I will definitely be up for next years challenge in whatever format, as we can see from above there may be a few people starting out and I feel we need to be mindful of their perceived skills and equipment but with a few new items thrown in. I have thoroughly enjoyed this year and only failed to...
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    Mark Sanger DVD review

    I thought I'd add my comments as I was lucky enough to get this as a Christmas Gift. I've got a few DVDs from various people including Jimmy Clewes which I particularly enjoy but this one as people have said covers the lot. It's a long DVD but needs to be as it covers a project from start to...
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    December Challenge - Post your entries here

    I really enjoyed this month’s challenge as I’ve wanted to have a go at one for a while now so it was the perfect excuse. The cracker measures approximately 11” x 2 ¼” and was made from a piece of lightly spalted beech. It’s made up of four sections with the middle sections being drilled to...
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    Second Attempt at Something Different

    Thanks for your comments, DUNK_WALES I can understand your question about the end grain but it did turn out smooth, the wood I used top and bottom was a couple of off cuts I had lying around and I don't think the photo is the best in regards to showing the result. New Years resolution - learn...
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    Second Attempt at Something Different

    I thought I'd show this one as it's something a bit different for me, I bought a wine cooler for a friend as a Christmas Gift but when it arrived another friend thought it would be great if I could encase it in wood (first mistake). What a great idea says I foolishly and set off to find a bit of...