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By Dalboy
Some have requested a WIP on my half track build. Luckily I take photo's of my projects from the beginning.

I did start this one quite a while ago but just as I started the Woodworker magazine wanted one on the Australian Prime Mover if they had the plans sent to me so that took front stage and now I am on this project.

Like all of my toy/model builds I try to prepare as much of the wood as possible but since I had started this one I thought I had all the wood done but as you can see as I progress I had to stop and sort some more out so hopefully I now have everything except those very small pieces which I make as I go.

The first photo shows what I started with(forget the pen blanks and the bits on the right)

DSCF6794 (800x600).jpg

After marking up and cutting out all of the chassis parts a quick glue up this will be the main starting point for all the tracks and wheels to be mounted to. I did not realise at this point how many parts there are to the complete chassis assembly

DSCF6795 (800x600).jpg
DSCF6796 (800x600).jpg

The front springs are made from one piece as per the plans, I think that if I was to do something similar again I would make the springs up from separate pieces and steam bend them. Once these and the hangers are complete they are glued to the front of the chassis. I left the cut outs slightly under size as when I come to fit the cross member I will file across the two assemblies which will make sure everything lines up nicely.

I will try to keep each post short until I catch up to where I am at

DSCF6819 (800x600).jpg
DSCF6825 (800x600).jpg
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By Dalboy
On to some of the detail work on the chassis.

I selected some Oak from the wood pile I want to use these to add some contrast to the build like I try to do with many of those that I have made in the past.

DSCF7505 (800x600).jpg

I set to on the lathe and turned the diffs and prop shafts and while I was there the two drive wheels and main Idle wheel which for the time being will go into a bag for later.

DSCF7516 (800x588).jpg

I also cut two pieces of tulip wood the first is for the fron cross member and the second takes a drive shaft both of these needed a 1/$" hole drilled, blind holes for the front and a through hole for the rear one which I drilled from both ends to help keep it central all the way through.
DSCF7525 (600x800).jpg

As I stated earlier I needed to file the front springs to get a nice fit for the front wheel cross member. To aid lining up the hole in the rear member I used a drill in one end and a piece of dowel in the other once lined up and a clamp applied they are removed. Who want a dowel stuck in a hole where a dowel should not be

DSCF7528 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7527 (800x600).jpg
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By Dalboy
Needed to drill some holes for the prop shafts so did these while the wood was long enough still to hold, once done I had enough parts for the drive chain this now can be assembled and glued in place the plans are not very clear whether some of the parts are on the centre line or off to the left or right but I think they look OK where I put them

DSCF7530 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7531 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7535 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7538 (800x600).jpg

Front bumper was straight forward enough to cut and fit

DSCF7539 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7556 (800x600).jpg

The front needed a brake drum and as this needs a hole for the front wheel shaft was easy enough to just use the sander and rotate the pieces until the correct diameter was achieved again these went into the assemble later bag which you will see again but a lot fuller

DSCF7549 (800x600).jpg

A torsion bar was also needed for the front axle the bar was a piece of walnut dowel as are the two brackets which are quite small so these are made using hand tools

DSCF7552 (800x600).jpg
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By Dalboy
Cut some more pieces this time the main support brackets for the pairs of road rollers

DSCF7557 (800x600).jpg

It was at this point that I realised I would not have enough wood for the project so took the opportunity to prepare some more this time it should cover a good 90% of the build. the darker wood mahogany is for the track links later in the build this will need to be cut into 62 individual links.

DSCF7567 (800x600).jpg

As can be seen the bit bag is starting to fill up with odd bits and pieces. In the picture you can see the track roller assembly main support bracket and the main frame support that is the ones from tulip wood below them are the components for the rear roller shock absorber

DSCF7575 (600x800).jpg

Shock absorber and main bracket for the roler assembly glued and clamped in place

DSCF7576 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7582 (800x600).jpg

The next three photo's are of the rest of the parts for the lower roller assemblies the top one being the set up for drilling the roller brackets. Sure are a few rollers on this build

DSCF7586 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7588 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7592 (800x600).jpg

Sorry for the very brief run through as there are a lot of bits to make and fit and it would take ages to go through every piece being made
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By Dalboy
The main drive roller spacer and large idle roller spacer now fitted in place.

DSCF7612 (800x600).jpg

These roller side support brackets were fiddly to make as they are quite small and needed a rebate along one edge as well as to remember to make 4 left and 4 right hand ones

DSCF7593 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7601 (592x800).jpg

This group of parts are now all that is left of the roller assembly which you will see in the following photo's to this one

DSCF7604 (800x598).jpg

It was Ok turning most of the rollers as there were only two of each to make but these there are 8 and each had to be exactly the same I am no means a production turner and am glad they are not that big. but got them done and ready to be installed onto the assembly

DSCF7635 (800x594).jpg
DSCF7636 (800x587).jpg

The roller assemblies now all complete and glued in place either side of the chassis

DSCF7641 (800x600).jpg
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By Dalboy
deema wrote:Awesome, thanks for taking the time to share. Looking forward to the next installment.

Nearly caught up to where I am at in the build
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By Dalboy
Now to start the wheels first to make are the centres which are easier than they look drill a hole on the wood place this on to a dowel stuck into a board and clamp this to the drill press drill the outer holes and turn away the unwanted part

DSCF7648 (2) (800x660).jpg

I turned most of the parts on the lathe in this photo the parts are not yet glued together, the two tyres are first glued and then this is trued up on the lathe this part assembly is mounted in my tyre cutting jib

DSCF7749 (2) (800x600).jpg

DSCF7656 (800x600).jpg

The completed wheel all glued and sander sealer applied

DSCF7755 (800x583).jpg

The wheels fitted to the chassis and up to this point there are 115 parts that is if I did not lose count

DSCF7759 (800x600).jpg

This is where I am up to as of yesterday evening today's work I still need to download my pictures so will either do that later or tomorrow. So from now on I will add as i progress through the build.

Hope you join me for the rest of the build
By SteveF
I will definitely be following this
not that I have the time or patience
I just appreciate how much work and skill goes into this
keep posting Derek

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By Dalboy
SteveF wrote:I will definitely be following this
not that I have the time or patience
I just appreciate how much work and skill goes into this
keep posting Derek


Thank you Steve.
I need something to keep me busy Steve oterwise I will end up with piles of shavings from wood turning and I don't have enough room for many more bowls :lol:
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By Dalboy
Yesterday I managed to do quite a bit of marking out for the second time because I had done it once before but on double checking I was 1/16" out on three pieces, it is surprising how long that can take.

DSCF7765 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7766 (800x600).jpg

When I finished with the ruler and pencil which is much shorter now through constant sharpening otherwise the tip gets too wide( note to self must buy some harder pencils HB ones are a little to soft) Decided to cut out the lines in the floor and also cut out the seat uprights and supports.
The seat support needed a 1/32 rebate along one edge, which at first did cause me a little head scratching as I did not want to get the router table out for such a small piece so used a bladed marking gauge and run this along the edge set at the size a few times so that it cut just deep enough on both edges to form the rebate.

DSCF7768 (800x599).jpg
DSCF7770 (800x600).jpg
DSCF7771 (600x800).jpg
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By Dalboy
On most of the body panels there are some lines that need a 1/16" rebate run along in various places which represent panel joins or the door outlines After setting up and cutting these then another set up and so on for all of the lines this took a good part of the day.

DSCF7773 (1024x768).jpg
DSCF7776 (1024x768).jpg
DSCF7772 (768x1024).jpg

I was not happy with the lines I cut in the floor yesterday so decided to remake this piece and re-cut the lines and after going on about double checking managed to get the one that runs down the centre between the wrong set of those that run across the floor :oops: :oops: :oops: .
These look tidier than the first set and when looked at will not be noticed in the complete model so will keep that one

DSCF7775 (1024x768).jpg

So to finish the day in the shed I took some time to cut out the parts. So now have enough to assemble the rear area but the front cab still needs other parts.

DSCF7778 (1024x768).jpg
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By Dalboy
deema wrote:Wow, how did you do the 1/16 cyst for the outline?

All of the panel lines were routed using a hand router and a fence so that i could see where to stop on those that needed to end at one that was at right angles to the one being routed.
By memzey
Awesome work Derek. Exceptional precision and attention to detail. Can't wait to see the finished piece.