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By J-G
graduate_owner wrote:Hi, Axminster currently have on offer threaded adapters in 1" x 12 thread which is ML8 thread (t03) for £10. Could be used as a small faceplate perhaps, or to enable other items to be fitted inboard?

The nose thread on the ML8 is (AFAIK) the same as the ML7 and Super 7 which is 1 1/8" x 12.

In case you had inadvertantly mis-typed the size I have checked the Axminster site and the T03 is as you say 1" so won't fit the ML8
By parvum
Both my ML8 lathes have inboard spindle threads of 1" 12tpi, whitworth thread form,with a register diameter of 1 1/8".MYfords may well have offered different thread forms on ML8s during their production run however.
regards Paul
By graduate_owner
Hi J-G,
the ML 8 is indeed 1" x 12, as are the earlier Myford Drummond metal lathes ( I have both, and the fittings are interchangeable.) The newer Myford metal lathes, such as ML 7 and ML 10 are 1 1/4". I believe the Myford Mystro is
1 1/8" x 12, but the old ML8 is definitely 1" x12

By dickm
Can't offhand remember the exact spec of the recent Myfords (age does that to you!) but the Mystro, ML7 and the Super 7 all share the same nose thread. At least mine all have! But the ML8 is smaller.