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By Hudson1984
I’ve had a few online stores and never ventured into eBay. The costs are just nuts. But depends on your margins I guess, you’ll get better exposure and a larger audience but you’ll still be a small fish in a big pond full footer small fish.

I’d recommend an estore. Various options there all much cheaper to run and incredibly simple
By garethharvey
I used to have one in a fishing business I owned, they can add value but can also bring a lot of grief. All our orders went out the same way, we would pick them, pack then and send them all with Royal Mail.

We used to have the odd order go missing. Orders that come through our website, we would have 1 in over 1000 not arrive at their destination. Orders via eBay, we would have 6 in 100 that would never arrive.

EBay is riddled with fraud with both the buyers and sellers.

We had to send all our eBay items tracked to prevent it.
By sawdust1
Thanks for the replies.
I was thinking about the items on my website, these being large so will be delivered on pallets so don't go missing.
The vast audience on eBay would increase sales (hopefully).
It would be a lot cheaper than advertising.
I know the info i am after is available on the eBay site, just trying to get the lowdown on the monthly shop fee in simple terms
and how much they take in fees on sales.
I sell as a private seller on eBay most weeks, so familiar with the ins and outs.
By julianf
You need to do considerable volume on ebay to start getting discounts. I reached the level once (i think then they did it over 3 month stretches) but it did not hold out.

Then they raised the fees to 10%, rather than their sliding scale, which, for the items i was selling, doubled my costs over night.

I then got an independant website, and, pretty much, used the ebay auctions to lead people to it.

I dont even bother with ebay any more. Its all too one sided. If youre a massive box shifter with high margins, then, im sure its great - high turnover means low fees, and if your markup is large enough, then loss through fraud is just another cost.

But, if youre low volume, high value, you only need one bad sale to stuff all the work from so many good sales.

It really depends what youre shifting - i think its ideal for drop shipping cheap imports, but for high quality things - well, look and see - how many ebay shops do you see doing much volume on that type of product? Not many...