Mystery eBay user saved in Firefox

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20 Feb 2004
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In the eternally wet North
I was in Firefox on my Mac clearing out some old logins for eBay and was surprised to see a login for a username of 'oldcollier'. I really am very puzzled as to why Firefox would have this.

I know of no-one of that name.
Trying to login to eBay with the saved password says 'invalid'.
Asking to reset the password directs me to a mobile number ending in 7. Mine is not 7.
No-one has used my Mac and it is password protected.
It was a clean download of Firefox from Mozilla.
It has always been my Mac and bought new.

I can find a member on Period Property of that name but last posted 2008. I am also on that forum but not been active for donkeys. Certainly pre-dates the purchase of this Mac.

I am stumped.

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