Yet another Table Saw thread - buying advice needed

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20 Aug 2018
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West Midlands
Hey folks,

I have a £2k (maybe more) budget for a 'proper' single phase (16A) cabinet saw - prefer new but may consider used. This will be my largest single purchase to date and its gotta be built to last. I'm a 'weekender' building cupboards/wardrobes from sheet stock (ply/mdf/valchromat) for wardrobe/cupboard builds: I've been using the MFT+TS55 along with a range of profiles/jigs but I'm thinking of getting more serious about all this now.

My requirements are that it shouldn't be too loud (induction motor), wide ripping capacity, a solid fence that remains square and excellent dust collection. Quick blade swaps would be nice - some of these saws have 6 screws for the insert! So here are my choices:

  • - iTech Cast Iron saw - Approx £1k
  • - SIP Cast Iron saw - Approx £1200
  • - Laguna Fusion 3 - Approx £2k
  • - Record Power TS250RS with sliding rail - Approx £1.5k
  • - Any of the Axminster Trade ones (the AT254TS is great but over budget
  • - Used Wadkin Bursgreen stuff on eBay for <£1k
  • - *wildcard: Dewalt DWE7492 jobsite saw fitted in a custom bench

I'm liking the Laguna 3 - especially with the optional 52" extension but the saw comes with just a years warranty. Axminster stuff has mixed reviews depending on model. I can't see anything wrong with the iTech or SIP - both are cast iron 3HP models so what am I missing? Infact, with a few mods e.g. custom extension tables, I'm sure all the above will be fine - right? I'm hoping you good folks can help narrow it down further and suggest alternatives.
I would add a SCM Minimax SC3 to your list, proper panel saw, a used one should be within your budget.
I have the iTech 01332 which is the same as the SIP. Happy with it except dust extraction is very poor, using 2hp 2000m3 extractor.