'Working' holiday in France?


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6 Apr 2009
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Twyning, Gloucestershire.
Hi All, Many years ago Chris Tribe came over to France to help me with my woodworking in return for bed and breakfast and a week in France. It was a great success and we both enjoyed ourselves. Now I would like to try a similar thing with a woodturner. I'm not a complete novice, but not far off, and would like a bit of tuition from a more experienced turner. In return I'll give you accommadation and feed you. Pick you up and drop you off at the airport (if you fly) and show you around the area I live, which is a beautiful part of the Limousin. If anyone is interested we can talk in more detail. Thanks, and hope to see one, or more, of you soon.
That is a generous offer Froggy and I wish that I could take you up on it! The nearest I have been to you was a visit to Orador sur Glan. What an atmospheric place! We had a trip up there when we lived near Carcassonne, Aude. As you say, a lovely part of France.

One of my commissions when we lived over there was to turn a copy of an old Limosin porcelain cake stand, a family heirloom. I did it in ash and nothing in my workshop has ever been looked after so carefully

Claude dish 4.jpg
Claude dish 5.jpg

A lovely piece of porcelain and she was quite chuffed with the copy.

How's yer French ;)
Could do with a holiday, know sod all about turning though I am happy to do the washing up
I can pretend to know lots about turning and when it all goes wrong I'll tell him he just doesnt have 'the nack' 😆😂 don't tell froggy though!!
It sounds like a brilliant idea.
I won't take up the offer myself because;

a/. I don't know the first thing about woodturning.
b/. I already live about 30 Km from you as it is.