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22 Feb 2018
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As a cheapskate who buys old knackered tools, I just bought an old Wolf / Makita 5573 for £20 in "good working order" (homer)
Rear roller is stripped of rubber, the graphite pad is shredded and the Armature bearings need replacing, as one has all but seized.
A few questions.

1. I've chosen to buy SKF 62002rs bearings for 3 locations, though the original spec is for two 6200llb and one KBC6200d or NSK 6200ddw, I can't find any significant differences.
Any issues with that choice?
I know the SKF rubber sealed bearings are good to 17000 rpm, but don't know how fast the armature spins on these beasts.

2. I have the Armature out, but the bearing at the V-pulley end is blocked by the pulley itself, which is screwed on tight. I know it's a left hand thread, but any thoughts on how to grip it hard enough to remove it.

3. The rear roller is about £60+ for a new one, so I am going to try a wrap of EPDM for now and see how it performs

4. I have bought a replacement graphite pad and foam pad set.
Do I need both, as the exploded diagram is unclear on this, only showing a steel plate and cork pad.

Many thanks.
I just solved the problem of the tight pulley on the end of the armature.
Wrap the drive belt around it and it grips the pulley well enough to allow it to undo by hand.
Happy days.
Cheap bearing / wiper puller used to remove both armature bearings.
Cleaned up the commutator with some fine wet and dry.
Reinstalled the bearings on the shafts with a long 10mm socket and hammer.
Now just the stripped rubber roller to repair, but it's already sounding like a different machine.

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