Wills and Probate Online service on the Govt website


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20 Feb 2004
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In the eternally wet North
Other than me, has anyone else had the misfortune to attempt to use this service? The Govt has a lot of very, very good online systems that work very well. These also have good helpdesk support.

At the extreme other end of the spectrum is this apology for a service that has been outsourced to a US(eless) company called 'Ironmountain' or as I like to call them 'Rusty Hump'. The website is useless. It doesn't explain how or when you will actually get a copy of the Probate/Will that you have just paid for. The helpdesk is manned by a two-year old struggling to put together their first coherent sentence. You discover this only when you actually manage to get a response.

I suspect that, since Rusty Hump are really only a huge suppository for the storage of paper documents, when you place your order, someone drags his/her knuckles down the aisles of a warehouse amd two weeks later returns with the document for it to be scanned in and made available for you to download.