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Jamie Copeland

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4 Jan 2015
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Hi folks

I posted on here last week that I'd bought the Record Power BS400 bandsaw and it arrived yesterday after a battle with the courier/haulage company.

The company who were arranging the delivery from Record Power to my address are called Price Express Transport. They then had a haulage company, Wm Armstrong of Longtown, deliver the item.

The fiasco started when the lorry driver from Wm Haulage, Longtown arrived at my door and proceeded to tell me that his lorry was too big to get down my road so he wasn't going to be able to deliver it. He could either drop it at the top of the road (about 200 meters from my house and on a main road) or he could ask the company to rearrange delivery but couldn't say when that would be or if there would be a redelivery fee.

By now I was furious so I got on the phone to Price Express Transport to tell them what had happened. After being put on hold for fifteen minutes the down right rude and arrogant "lady" I was speaking to informed me that she had spoken to the haulage company who maintained their position that the lorry couldn't fit down the road and with Google Maps up on her computer she herself agreed and started to tell me that "there's no way any lorry could get down your road".

Now I've lived in this house for three years and had deliveries on all sorts of lorries, which I tried to explain to the horrid cretin on the phone. Normally lorry drivers just need a bit of persuasion to attempt coming down the road and they soon realise that it's no bother. This guy yesterday was having none of it and I couldn't be bothered walking to the top of the road to find out just how big this lorry actually was. However, the bin lorry even comes down once a week! Yet this "lady" sitting in an office miles away who has never been to my house was certain any sort of lorry could not get down my road! She said she'd have to speak to the haulage company to get the delivery rearranged on a van this time and that a redelivery fee would apply. By this point I was totally p****d off so told her that she can take the bandsaw back to Record Power, I'd have a refund and simply order it through a company who would be able to deliver it with no hassle. The haulage firm did offer to deliver it for me on a van, but which had no tail lift (the bandsaw weighs 147kg) and that a fee would certainly apply.

I soon came to the conclusion that Record Power would probably use Price Express Transport for all their bulky deliveries and so ordering the item on another website wouldn't solve the issue. In the end I hired a big van with a tail lift for a few hours and arranged to meet the lorry driver to get the bandsaw from his lorry to my van. It was only then that I saw the size of his lorry and it was smaller than the bin lorry that comes down our road every week!

I now have the bandsaw set up and I'm really pleased with it. I phoned Record Power today and the lady there had heard all about the fiasco I'd experienced and was very apologetic! Apparently Record Power are going to take the matter up with the two companies involved as it's far from the high standard Record Power expect. One of the turning knobs had been badly damaged during transit so without any questions Record Power are going to send me out a replacement for free and as a way of apology for the hassle I had (no fault of Record Powers) the lady said she'd send me out some bandsaw blades, again free of charge. As I already have plenty of blades already but was looking for a drill press vice she offered to send me the one I was looking for instead! The instruction DVD that should have come with it was also missing and again they're sending out a replacement free of charge.

Basically, avoid Price Express Transport and Wm Haulage, Longtown.

The customer service I've experienced from Record Power has been absolutely fantastic. They've demonstrated what excellent customer service should look like and I can highly recommend the BS400 bandsaw and Record Power as a whole. Really impressed with them!
Great to hear it's all sorted out Jamie. Let us all know how things go in getting it running smoothly and any photos you have of your shop are always welcome.

Good luck

Glad you got it sorted Jamie. My experiance was the complete opposite, Price Express rang to arrange delivery which I arranged for yesterday, they dropped it off with my wife and even put it in the garage for me. I'm not sure who the actual courier was but they did a fantastic job.

I think using Price Express is costing RP a fair bit, my experience of Price Express and RP very similar to yours. The difference is I always spoke to RP and got them to fix it, and they did.

Original Delivery: was called by Price Express early afternoon to say they were now not delivering, their driver had dropped the wrong item off to somebody had to return to fix that and would therefore run out of time. So fixing that mistake was more important to them than my delivery / RP's business.

Rearranged Delivery: Given prior cock-up promised delivery before 12 noon, called RP at 12.30 to report it had not arrived. Over an hour later Price phone to say won't be with me until 4pm. No good I will not be home as I planned my day based on delivery before noon.

Rearranged Rearranged Delivery: Again due before noon, call at 9.30am from driver, I won't be with you until 2.00pm. That was OK, but when he arrives tells me he can't get up my drive (400 feet of gravel). On inspection his lorry is smaller than others that have made it, but he is adamant. Well I'm not pushing it up there on a pallet truck he says. So we end up putting it on a pallet truck, strapping it to my jeep and I drag it up my drive. He then stood around seemingly waiting for a tip!

Record Power were very helpful and sent me £50 worth of spare blades for free.

So RP great, but if I ever bought from them again I would insist they do not use Price Express who are utterly, shockingly dreadful.

Its obviously a transport company thing.
When I bought my bandsaw from axminster, their company TNT insisted i lived in a different country to what I do. They would have none of it, even after me supplying a full address and postcode. Their computer is never wrong. I had to supply a friends address 15 miles away for them to deliver it to.