Where to find vintage tools for restoration


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19 Jul 2019
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I usually restore vintage cars for fun but am now looking to cut my teeth into vintage tools as well. I am currently struggling to find places to buy them, especially larger machine tools such as mills and lathes but also small hand tools. Does anyone know of places where I can buy these sorts of things from, preferably in a restorable, but challenging condition.
Thanks in advance, Evan
Car boots sales would be a good place to start for hand tools of all shapes and sizes, sometimes bigger stuff too but historically they've been rich picking grounds for hand tools (including vices).

Then in no particular order, vintage/steam rallies, Gumtree, eBay of course, Facebook's marketplace, junk shops, charity shops (in some places, not all do tools), recycling centres also in some locations and scrap-metal merchants.

There are indications that car boots have had their day as a source of cheap buys but any sale (or area?) can wax and wane, or have a off day, so only regular visitors will known what the current lay of the land is. And two very recent threads here in Hand Tools have shown that great finds for little money are still very possible. But if you're used to the prices of stuff for vintage cars even 'expensive' tools by the standards of many here probably won't phase you in the slightest!
Not long ago there was a chap who posted in the metalworking section of this forum, about some metal lathes he was intending to sell off probably for scrap.
Maybe it isn't too late.......

Read all sorts of asdverticements and cultivate your contacts with the local scrap merchants!
Let people know that you are looking for old machinery and you will find plenty!