Where can I get this type of hinge?


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10 Jun 2008
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Replacing a shonky window in my greenhouse.

the window im making will be top hinged and the window frame is sitting in between 2 rafters. I want the window rebated to overlap on all 4 sides to reduce water ingress so will need an offset hinge.

Can you buy these with specific offsets or is there an easier way to do this?


That was quick, many thanks.

£2.70 for the hinge, £8.34 for delivery. Ouch.
Seems to be a lot of companies charging OTP prices (can't be bothered to use RM for small ackages is my guess), also those that stick on a double figure 'small order charge' - I always cancel such orders - they then have the cheek to charge shipping on top. :mad:
I use Marches Ironmongery quite a lot, same as most places when you order online from them no matter how small the item delivery is about £10.

If I just want to order for example a pair of hinges from them I pick up the phone and give them a call, they happily chuck things in a Jiffy bag and just charge whatever the postage is.

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