What woodworking did you do today?


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Today hanging a solid pine door, hinges, lock set into frame I built yesterday.
Result. It fits, locks and doesn't rattle.
Down side, my chisels are carp, my sharpening of them is carper. My cheapo router trimmer is useless, slid down and over cut one hinge set too deep, packed it out OK though.
Brassware hides the horrible mess.

Outcome, next time pay the £90 to have it fitted 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I watched a vid yesterday, and today while out buying a new TV, I speculated on what style and shape of TV unit I might need for the computer/blue ray and tv connect box to live in.

Something curved, possibly constructed from thin slats, possibly even steam bent.

my chisels are carp, my sharpening of them is carper.

SHHH for Gods sake :eek: or Jacob will come in and you know what will happen then...
If you use a hinge and lock jig then you only need a router and can leave your chisels on the wall for display purposes and they will never need sharpening because I to cannot sharpen them.
Tried that but my router is useless too.
Being binned soon, a dewalt is on its way already🙂
Going on with a new side table. Edgebanding plywood for two drawer fronts.
cut and glued some Oak wedges in an old pick axe handle...
getting things ready for the new w/shop build...
started to lay out string lines for the above....but it does have a wooden winder for the string....