What did you do in your workshop today ?


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Walney Col":228ritsy said:
I cut my very first spirals on my diy router lathe and I'm well suited.


Ohhh I like that, any details of how you made the lathe?

Hmm, everyone seems to have achieved something. Spent Thursday driving to get wood spent aaaallllll day creating 3 wheelie bins on planing waste.
Two weekends has got me thus far with my router table build:

Very pleased with it, first time I've done anything this complex!
I need to make myself a router table but i never seem to get the time. What did you use for the top and fence- is it salvaged from something else or bought special? Cool table by the way.

Good storage there Coley. As an inveterate hoarder, i'm always looking for ways to tidy up my rubbish/useful stuff that'll come in handy one day.
Today I sorted a bucket of miscellaneous used screws into their respective sizes. Rock n effin roll!
After spending about three months in my workshop since i did a pre xmas re-fit, i decided i didn't like the lay out and have spent all day and probably tomorrow too, moving everything around again. All those shelves and brackets and tool racks and drawers and hooks and screws and nails and bits of wood that i had attached all over the place to house and hang stuff on, have all had to be removed and re-sited. Joy.
Walney Col":20tqp6ze said:
I turned the central column for a small ocasional table on my new diy router mill today.



Kadushu":hn8vekub said:
Today I sorted a bucket of miscellaneous used screws into their respective sizes. Rock n effin roll!

I ripped the t&g off a mountain of hardwood floor samples. I wish I was as exciting as you. :-D
seafax col I like what you have there, (hammer) can't wait to see the things you can get up too with it' :D
The table is a triton workcentre insert I got off here, sunk into an offcut of worktop. I made the top months ago and have been balancing it between the bench and workmate ever since so it was high time I made the table. I used the crestonwood plans: http://www.crestonwood.com/router.php They're pretty good, apart from being imperial! Once things go below 1/4" I go to metric :lol:
Finishing and assembly work on the cot today.


Drawbored M&T joints on the long rails because I've no clamps long enough. Hide glue all round as well. And all by hand, which is rapidly teaching me the virtues of using power tools and planer thicknessers and bandsaws :D


The walnut really does look nice against the ash after a couple of coats of shellac (four in this case, with light sanding from 600 grit paper on the second coat).


Some fun work with chisel and spokeshave to get an arch on another part of the cot so it didn't look like a bloody great big plank.


Next time I think about putting M&T joints into a curved piece like this, I must remember to slam my hand in a drawer repeatedly until the urge goes away...


I'm just hoping those gaps close up enough that it's not embarrassing when its all assembled.
looking good mark, that curve doesn't look easy at all, lets just hope the baby appreciates it.
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