What are your woodworking goals for 2024?


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1. Get to a stage where I don't have to take all the clutter off one tool to use it and put it on another tool and vice versa.

2. Continue building my workbench

3. Not get injured

4. Make more stuff, buy fewer stuff
I don't set any goals. I make whatever I make as either a requirement of house maintenance/furniture or gifts which I wholly enjoy. The stuff I make just for my own pleasure is based on a whim of thought and my design process is so loose as to barely exist. I endeavour to try something new all the time.
My current and recent projects have involved turning and carving and next in the pipeline is some marquetry although I recently demolished an old outbuilding and the roof timbers are some very old oak which I think would make a very nice coffee table which I may do first. Every day is a school day.
Bang on ...... Beware of lists!
Finish and fit the replacement lid for the oak chest that is taking up way too much space in the middle of my small workshop. 🙄
Ooh - and cut the hedges that didn’t get done last year before the birds start nesting in them.
I insulated and boarded out, then painted, my 16'x8' garage sometime earlier this year. I then ran basic lighting...family crises later, I'm planning to:
A) Install a 13A ring to about 14 sockets ("Naff off!" You ring nay-sayers!).
B) Install a dedicated 16A radial in 4mmsq CABLE to my AGS10, P/T, 1st DX; complete with DOL starters each.
C) Run DX: 100mm HVLP to the above, 63mm LVHP to the lathe, DP, RT, B/Saw and (possibly) 'floor sweep'.
D. Make something! It has been a long time; family came first. My turn now.
I've visited this thread 3 times now, each time thinking I would have a clear picture of my goals, and each time my mind is blank. I'm not sure what that says about me but maybe my plan is simply to have no plan?

It would be nice to focus on making stuff and not on organising my workspace, although I think I maybe like doing that so maybe its not such a bad thing
I'd like to make something really cool, like a piece of furniture, that I can have in the house or the garden room

other than that nothing is popping into my head. Yet...

Be more decisive.

I am a hobbyist, mostly woodturning. I have a fair few purchased blanks and spindles plus plenty of bits of 'gifted tree', but often I have a design in my head and then stall because I don't want to risk messing up a nice piece of wood which might be useful for somethign else one day. I need to just get on and make whatever it is. At 70+ I shouldn't be "keeping things for best".

(Maybe its time to open the Tobermory single malt I bought in 1978)
That bottles probably worth about 5 to 800 pound now ,bet it's a nice smooth drop 😎