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28 Feb 2016
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Hi all,
After my recent problems with both Ferrex and Record 8" wetstone grinders just wondering if you could people could recommend a suitable alternative? (Understand I will have to pay more if I am to get reasonable quality)...
As already suggested I have got myself a new oil stone and some cheap diamond blocks to see if I can get the hang of my honing guide. (not hopeful).
I did think about the option of buying a basic bench grinder and mounting it so the wheel is "flat"?
(...yes I know you should never use the side of the wheel, but at least it may help getting any "bad" notches out of a chisel?)

A Tormek but they're not cheap. A coarse diamond wheel comes highly recommended but it makes the whole package even more expensive - Rob
I have the jet system.
It saves me much work as I have no sharpening skills at all.
I suspect someone who has the patience to learn hand skills would get a better edge.
..interesting, had a look at the reviews for the Jet system, and almost 20% split in each category on Amazon? (ie 20% for all 5,4,3,2,1 ratings...very odd mix?!)
a perfect example of people power. :shock:
I have seen so many peoples reactions, covering almost all parts of the spectrum.
It comes with a large booklet, AND a CD, showing thats its not that simple to set up. I expect several people said it was too complicated?
It offers optional extras, which if you purchase all of them, becomes a very serious money pit (too expensive to use properly?).
One person I remember complained bitterly that his hand and floor was always soaked with water whenever he used it. upon questioning by me, I found he used it backwards. Completely backwards. He didnt like the blade edge pointing towards him, so he held the chisel handle down and the blade up.
Theres no accounting for humans. :roll:
What is stupid (and the tormek is the same as far as I can see) is that the on/off switch is at the back of the machine.
W.T.F.? (hammer) (hammer) (hammer) (hammer)
Its so awkward to get to i turn it on and off at the wall socket.

All that said... and as I said..... It produces a very good edge, requiring no sharpening skill at all. If youre into "scary sharp", then maybe you should learn the other systems.
For me, I have no complaints.