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22 Dec 2010
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Sorry, this is a fairly long post, but if it stops anyone getting caught it's worth it.

I haven't fallen for a scam yet, and although I didn't suss this one immediately, I did smell a rat.

I've 'asked' for things that have been offered on Freecycle many times, and the only thing I've ever been given was a bag of paperbacks for my mum. She was very pleased.

2 weeks ago something a bit 'special' was offered... too good to be tue?

Hi i have a 42" LG Tv with freeview and remote control in perfect working order if anyone would like it.Please polite replies.............
Fair Offer Policy: I agree to take a period of time to see what
responses I get before deciding who to give item(s) to. This gives
members on Daily Digest, or those who don't have continual access to
the Internet a fair chance to reply

Well, as my old TV is over 20 yrs old with a very flat (dull and green) tube I thought I'd chance my arm....

Hi. Please would you consider me for your telly. The picture on mine is getting greener every day and the remote control hasn't works for ages. I live local so I can collect any time that suits you. Thanks for reading.

Needless to say, no response. Didn't matter, didn't expect one.
2 weeks later, this arrives in my emails...

I am sorry for the late reply, I have been very busy with work. The TV is still available with accessories. The remote control, a Pair of 3D glasses wireless display, HDMI port Skype,Connects to the internet through WiFi or Ethernet Cable. web browser and wall bracket are also included. The TV is in a perfect state, just have some signs of cosmetic wear, but working perfectly. It have been in my son room since he moved oversea. If you are interested contact for details and set time for pick up. I also have a Xbox 360 with games to offer just let me know if you are interested . Where about are you?
Best Regards

I replied...

Hello Barbara.
Are you sure you want to give all this away? It’s very generous of you!
I can collect any time that suits you. If you give me your phone number I can call you, or just tell me where and when.

I told SWMBO. She immediately said it's a scam. I said I wasn't 100% sure but I'd play along. (I was secretly planning the corner of the living room where it was going to reside!)

Then 'Barbara' sends this...

Sorry my connection have been playing up lately, The items are still available and i am not selling them, i just want to offer it to someone who can make good use of them, as it has been unused for a while now. But i am afraid you are far from me.This ad was posted more than two weeks ago because i wanted to relocate to East Sussex,the Moderator delay in publishing the ad and i left. I am presently in 33 Ladies' Mile Rd Brighton,but if you are interested you can come and pick it up or you could get the items via courier. If that is Ok with you let me know.
Best Regards


I can't post my reply here without overloading the pineapple filter.

I should have noticed the grammer. Nobody called Barbara Conybeare would possibly use some of the grammer in the messages. I pictured the fictitious lady with a plum in her mouth, not a slice of pizza in her gob.

Today, my (SWIMBO's) suspicions were confirmed when the Freecycle admin issued this...


Unfortunately every now and then scammers join our site to try to take advantage of our members.

Please be aware of scammers who suggests you send them money for courier fees for an item.

Either the scammer offers a fictitious item, typically one judged to get a big response, or contacts someone who has sent a Wanted post with an offer to send an item.

The member is then informed that the person has moved to another area but is willing to have the item couriered, as long as the couriers fee is paid to them in advance. Unfortunately the item never arrives!

It appears that there have been a number of attempts at this type of scam across Freecycle and the advice remains if any one asks for money then treat it as a scam and don't respond but report it to the site moderators.


The Freecycle Moderators

I emailed them my experience and they confirmed 'Barbara' was the one in question.

I just hope nobody sent off their courier fees, or worse.


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31 Mar 2015
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This sort of thing really irritates me, it makes us all suspicious of genuine people and makes buying stuff online so uncertain


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8 Nov 2011
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Sunny South Wales
Last week, I spotted a Record no. 04 on Preloved, complete with a bit of surface rust, but still in its box, on offer for £2. After contact I was given the choice of postage rates, either economy or first class. I chose the £2.80 economy and sent off my £4.80. After 3 days I had an apologetic message saying that he hadn't been able to post it but would that day.
It arrived this morning. Better than an Easter egg.:D