Wand Makers and Whittlers Help Required


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They look really great!

I found a really heavy log in my dads wood shed so split it and turned a piece into a little whistle. Turns out it is hawthorn and the grain is absolutely beautiful.

Not sure about green wood but this was properly seasoned and cut so nicely and leaves almost a silky finish straight from the chisel.

I'd put some aside if I were you for future turning. I'm certainly looking through the rest of the log pile for any other bits that my dad hasn't burnt yet.
Lovely thread and lovely work. I hope you will update us on what the children thought!
I hope the parents do get back to me. My only thoughts are that they haven't yet because we wrapped them in Christmas paper so hopefully it's just that they are waiting for Christmas day. They seem to be a lovely family and would let me know.