Wadkin bursgreen 1960 BRS spindle moulder question


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27 Jul 2023
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Hey guys

Not sure if this is the right place to post so apologies if I’ve dropped i the ball already.

I’ve got a brs spindle moulder from 1960 but I can’t find anything about the drive belt as it’s missing from the machine, can’t find a manual and tried calling wadkin and scott + Sargent and have had no luck

does anybody know what size the belts would be or what the best way to measure for them would be?

Thanks in advance :)
If I recall correctly they use an endless flat belt rather than V-belts, best way to measure would be to wrap some string around the pulleys and cut where they intersect and measure the length for belt length, width would be whatever the pulley can accommodate.
measure the pulley dia front and back, and distance between centres. Looks like a cooksely moulder too same set up with motor being pushed back by rod at front. measure centres at both extremes and take dims to bearing transmission outlet. they should calculate. I will see if i can find my old cooksley belt!
1"on my old cooksley, 29 1/8" around. you can always run a fabric tape measure around pulleys. I had this special made by transmission outlet


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