Using the Indexing Ring on my 3 jaw chuck.

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8 Mar 2014
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Colchester, Essex.
I have a 3 jaw chuck on my Record Power swivel head lathe and the chuck has an indexing ring on the back of it.
I've never used the indexing facility up until now as I've never had the need, but I need to turn up a couple of items and it would be helpful to use the indexing system.

My question is,....How do you lock the chuck in postion...?
Is there some sort of accessory attachment that I need to buy and if so, would it need to be specific to suit my model of lathe or are they generic and adaptable to suit all models of lathe...?

My lathe is a DML36 SH model and has twin round bed bars.
It’s fairly easy to cobble something up
a hinge that you can clamp to the bed bars then a wooden stick with a nail through it will suffice
Or a metal bar with a screw through
What do you want to index? That will determine how secure the whole arrangement needs to be