TS2500 - Height Adjustment


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27 Oct 2023
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I have recently purchased a aluminium top TS2500, from 2006.

I have given it a damned good clear out, and everything seems to be in pretty good shape - masses of MDF dust continue to be removed but the constituent components are at least now visible.

I am reluctant to strip it right down without a idea of what the fix is, but have an issue with stiff blade height adjustment. It seems to be that the height adjustment mechanism is in fact binding on the sheet mid-body and stripping some of the yellow paint - imaged below. I have attempted loosening various nuts to partially relieve this pressure. Can anyone offer any advice? Does the surface need a wirewool and wax lubing? It seems odd to me that the paint is being stripped - almost as if this surface is not meant to bear this abrasion.


I have noted an older thread on this forum talk about impacted dust on the height adjustment shaft - I have cleaned this thoroughly with a soft wire brush and there is no residue left. I will brake clean this before applying dry lube before use.


Other than the noted issue the unit seems to be in good superficial shape, with little or no play. Thanks all.
Lube is a great start to get it turning. Give it a good squirt of wd40. If that gets it going and frees things up then later you can wipe it or blow it off then use dry lube. Not just the thread but any parts that look like they should pivot. Avoid getting lube on the belt pulleys.