Airbrushing onto mini wooden barrel

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27 Feb 2023
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I have a small wooden shaped beer barrel that has a rounded surface and I'd like to apply a small painted word to the side of barrel.

I have a vinyl cutting machine and so cut out a stencil using standard vinyl that I applied onto the barrel. I think it's best to use actual stencil vinyl instead of normal vinyl as the stencil is stickier but for my trial run I only had normal vinyl at hand. Because I don't own an airbrush I thought it best to lightly dab paint through the stencil using a piece of foam. (The wording I want to paint onto the side of barrel measures approx 1cm in height so is very small.

Some parts came out perfectly whilst other letters havn't where the paint must of seeped under the stencil. The vinyl obviously didn't stick well to certain areas on the wood or maybe pressing down onto the stencil with the foam caused these issues.

If I were to invest in an airbrush and used a more suitable stickier stencil vinyl would I have any better results? I've never used an airbrush but looking at videos the effect one gets seems to be more authentic on wood items such as beer barrels when using a stencil, although the letters are far bigger than those I'm trying to create as mine is a miniature version.

Has anyone had experience with airbrushing small stencils or similar onto wood... Is it worth the investment?

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