Triton Tra001 Router question

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I removed the plunge spring on mine, but do lock it whenever I take a cut. For the couple of seconds it takes it's not worth risking damaging stock by leaving it unlocked.

Mine's in a table whereby the router is in its own cabinet, with a hinged door for easy access (with padding on the inside of the door and cabinet, and dust extraction out of the cabinet). Works well.
I have the same router and mine is attached to the triton router table this was then placed in a cutout of my bench. The underside of the table is a big cupboard which also houses the router and the vac. This keeps the dust in one area and I use a vac on the extraction point above.

I did think about trying to enclose the router but it makes it fiddly to use the speed and power lock to change the bit. I don’t lock the router in place when I adjust the height from above and never had a problem but reading this thread I may now do it.

I have added a few things to this setup, I brought a NVR paddle switch mounted to the front of the cupboard and I brought a second winder for the height adjustment which I mounted into an electric screwdriver so it’s super easy (I know it doesn’t really need it but it was a summer bored project).