Triton JOF001 in router table

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22 Jan 2008
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Does anyone own and use the Triton JOF 001 router in a router table?

Is there a commmercial insert plate that you can recommend?

Also, I’ve noticed the plastic baseplate has, I think, imperial threads and roundhead screws but there are three hidden M6 threads that are revealed when you remove the baseplate.
I have 3 triton routers in tables, one is the model you mention, all are just in home made insert plates made using 6mm aluminium I had cut from eBay, just clicked buy, send them the size and simple drawings for the holes.. they lazer cut to my requirements for far less than a commercial bought plate.
Thanks Peter and can you confirm it’s that model?
No I have the bigger TRA001, which the 3/8" thick Incra plate is more than capable of handling. Your smaller router also fits into Incra's pre drilled holes for both fixing and the winder position, so its screw and go!

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