Transfering printed text to Oak

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13 Jul 2015
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So whenever I want to transfer a printed image (some text or a logo) to wood, I use the laser printer / cellulose thinner method. That is, I print the image onto paper using a Laser printer, stick it down, rub with some cellulose thinner, wait 10 seconds or so, then rub all over with the back of a spoon, remove the paper, job done.

This works really really well on material such as plywood or pine. But for whatever reason, it doesn't work on Oak (sanded smooth). The ink seems to bleed, and so the image ends up coming out blurred, and looks a right mess.

Does anyone have any other techniques?

I've also tried using my wood burner, but because of the inconsistent surface of the Oak, some parts burn very quick, and the very hard parts burn very slow, and the result is not great.
This is a guess, but it might work if you seal the surface first. Obviously your sealer has to resist cellulose thinners. Might shellac work? Test first, obviously.
I've only done it the once (and on to pine) but I think I just printed the reverse image onto paper and ironed it. I think that's what I did but may be worth a Google for more info.
^But Google it first. There were some do's and don'ts which have long since evacuated my cranium :/
I have in the past used a similar method with oak (reverse the image first ) put laser printed side face down on oak, then use acetone - not cellulose thinners, to transfer the image to the wood. This has worked very well for me, even with quite fine detail.

This little desktop bookshelf is one of a number I made as Xmas present "stocking fillers". The Liverpool design (was for a soccer mad kid) was transferred in this way and then I went over it with a pyrography iron.