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For Sale Trailer Free, 5ft by 3ft Bed SOLD


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17 Jun 2020
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I have now sold this item on eBay for £20

I made this trailer nearly 50 years ago. It was last used about a week ago, albeit with some floor left, so it is still towable.

Basic chassis and outriggers seem ok, problem is the outer frame which holds the back and sides. I would repair and use it but my storage space is now limited so I have bought a smaller lightweight trailer which I can store on end.

It is fitted with 10cwt Indespension units and in its younger days I put that amount in it for a very short journey. Tows well and straight. Takes mini wheels although current wheels are for a trailer.

Trying on here to see if anyone wants it before Facebook/eBay. Located in Warwickshire, near Warwick. F2D6FD20-1CD0-415D-B0D7-E2DD9BB06604.jpeg2E0C4345-F7B2-4153-A557-0360BE05C9BC.jpeg2A066443-3579-4B5B-B368-7CD49EDE348E.jpeg
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