Traditional kitchen installed

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Really Really nice job. Looks fantastic and for £2k you'd never believe it.

Are the base units sitting on legs ? I cant really see from photos? And did you joint or plane the Beech to MDF....can you plane MDF (I'm new to this :D )

I'm trying a similar project at the moment. Ive build one base unit for a 100kg sink (Yes 100kg SINK !!!!! Its HUGE ) and this is made out of solid wood / Morticed and tennoned frame (see pic).....but this is because the sink weight so much and I plan to make the rest with veneered MDF, housing joints and face frames, but struggling to work out how to support it without seeing plastic legs as I won't have plinth.

Note - the attached pic's legs are too long and 50mm needs to chopped off so gap at base (like your kitchen) will be very small.



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That's really nice. I must make sure my Mrs doesn't see these pictures, or that'll be my spare time all spoken-for for the next few months...

eta: oops, just noticed the OP date on this, sorry :oops:
Don't be too sorry. I never would have seen this if it hadn't suddenly appeared in the list of new posts!
I'll add my praise, on the off-chance that he OP is still around.
I have spent a couple of decades designing kitchens.
It is great to see someone produce work to this standard at a sensible price point.

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