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Another vote for the makita, I've owned mine for quite some time and I'm very happy with it.
You cannot compare that Erbuar to the Bosch, they are in completely different classes and upto a point you will only get what you pay for. The Bosch tracks get good reviews on track alignment when joining but are a different profile to Makita / Festool and the Bosch has many similarities to the Maefel except cost. Another good saw to consider is the Makiti SP6000 and is what I use and can be purchased for reasonable money.

Apart from the saw and tracks you can also get accessories to use the track on a worktop with 20mm holes from Benchdogs, just another option along with things like track squares and parallel guides.
If you have a 3D printer then Thingiverse and Tinkercad have lots of MFT dog fittings files. Although not as robust as say Axminster many are a step up in useful design.
Hi all
firstly, thank you very much for all your input and helping me making my mind up. I wanted to post my decision as it might help someone else and to finalise this thread. I have decided on the Makita SP6000J. The reasons are: I am not a professional and it will fulfill my hobby tasks with ease. I really like the Bosch, but does it justify the price for the things I want to do with it? With the Bosch we are moving into the Festool TS55 territory even though it would be basic . The Metabo again I liked very much, the cutting depth is amazing. But do I need it? Probably not and again, more expensive and outlay of battery and charger made me decide against it. I had the opportunity to test the Makita with the Makita rails and I really liked the feel of it. I also liked the tip lip on the rail when cutting angles. I'm going to wait as I'd like to have 2 rails as well , meaning I wait for an offer on a kit.

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