Tormek T-7 review (versus Scheppach versions)

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Not a good idea to move the rest after dressing the stone - if you want to use the honing wheel or the alternative 'trailing' grinding position, get a second tool rest.
Andy - it's a good price - even with the £10 price hike since I posted (thanks Neil - makes me feel a little better in a very selfish way!).
Hi all

Firstly, apologies to Gidon.

If anyone is buying this from Rutlands they have 30 pounds off orders over 300, until 30th May.

The T7 now comes in, including carriage, hand tool kit and the free chef's knife at 325.90.

Yes thanks Neil - it's possible I bought the T7 at the worst possible time I could! And I haven't had my chef's knife yet either!
I think that's a good price - well spotted Neil!
Just tried to order the T7 and use the £30 off but when you come to checkout it takes it off and then puts it back again. I think this is beacuse this offer can't be used with an item which is on promotion and the T7 is... :(